JuStaJonesin’ Productions

Its an honor to be the engineer at Infrared Studio Productions.

Here’s some of the highlights I’ve been involved with tracking & mixing.

The Peach Truck Republic

The Fort Worth based band that I was sound engineer for between ’98 - ’05. In the Spring of 2000 the band demo’d the album that would become Fenceposts. That summer they went into Eric Delagard’s Reel Time Studio in Denton with engineer Mike England. After  4 weekends of tracking and mixing it was mastered by Billy Stull at Masterpiece Studio In Wemberly, TX.

For the 2004 album Barnboard Blonde the band decided to buy the gear to track the album in the Sol Shack, They would take those tracks to Reel Time to mix and have Jim Demain at YesMaster in Nashville master the project. 

Music Production

Recording Studio & Live Venue

Music by Jaimojaimomusic.html

Adam Merriott

“Super Zero Fighter Jam”

Around The Six


Around The Six